Main Street Bingo Review

Please Note: We are in the middle of a big revamp, and the information contained in this Main Street Bingo review is most likely outdated. We hope to have it updated within the next few days.

In the meantime, we highly recommend checking out both Bingo Palace and who are two of the top bingo rooms in 2012.

Main Street Bingo offer excellent graphics and software, to really give a different feel to the player than is found at normal bingo sites. They also offer a Bingo Bonus Bank system, and a variety of games

August Promotions: Progressive Jackpot, 100% to $100 deposit bonus, Name-A-Pattern, Cruise Miles Tournament, Refer-A-Friend, win $1000.

Main Street Bingo Software / Layout:
The main features of Main Street Bingo are it’s graphic and sounds in their software, which they excel at with excellent, clear sound effects and bingo caller, as well as a very different and professional look. Sometimes it can appear a bit cluttered with so much crammed into the one screen, but it makes everything easy to access. The software is downloadable. bingo star rating

Main Street Bingo Traffic:
With a fair amount of traffic 24/7, Main Street Bingo gets above average traffic. bingo star rating

Main Street Bingo Chat:
With a listed schedule of chat games on their website, Main Street Bingo makes it a lot easier for the picky player. Only like playing for dimes, and only like chat games like Mystery Buddies, Streets of Gold and Bingo Blackjack? Then you can peruse the Main Street Bingo website, which lists the schedules of all games, all chat games, and all payouts. Main Street Bingo also offer regular amounts of 20 bonus bucks, although it can go up as high as 110 bonus bucks through their chat games. Unfortunately their bonus bank system means you’ll get less cash than normal for bingo sites, for your bonuses. bingo star rating

Main Street Bingo Game Variety:
Game prices range from dimes, nickels and quarters, and along with a variety of different patterns, Main Street Bingo spice up each game with lots of features including the Wakey Wakey Nickels with $30 fixed pots and $1500 jackpot, the Special ‘M’ Pattern and various other additions. bingo star rating

Main Street Bingo Bonuses & Promotions:
You receive a 100% deposit bonus on first deposit, then 20%-100% for every deposit thereafter. When you withdraw you lose any bonus bucks you have, and there is a limit to the amount of bonus bucks you have, with the rest of them being stored in the “bonus bank”, where you have to initiate an exchange once per month, with a poor ratio of $500 bonus bucks = $20 playable bonus. bingo star rating

Main Street Bingo VIP / Loyalty Program:
No loyalty program.

Main Street Bingo Support:
There is a “help” page on the website which lists some general frequently asked questions, and then a page where you can send e-mail via a form. bingo star rating

Main Street Bingo Community:
Main Street Bingo have a survey on their page where players, or prospective players can e-mail them feedback, and have recently started a picture gallery, so you can see what your fellow chatters/players look like.

Main Street Bingo Deposit/Withdrawal Options:
NETeller, InstaCash, eWallet Xpress, Visa, Mastercard, FirePay.