King Solomons Bingo Review

Please Note: We are in the middle of a big revamp, and the information contained in this King Solomons Bingo review is most likely outdated. We hope to have it updated within the next few days.

In the meantime, we highly recommend checking out both Bingo Palace and who are two of the top bingo rooms in 2012.

One of the biggest online bingo providers in the United Kingdom, King Solomons focuses less on the community aspect of things, and more on the game variety. With 5 bingo games running simultaneously, all at different prices, in a different room with different people, as well as a wide variety of patterns available, you have an excellent choice of games at King Solomons. With a large amount of traffic, over 100 people at most times of the day using their very simple software, King Solomons is a great option for any bingo player.

August Promotions: 100% to $100 deposit bonus, 50% to $50 reload bonuses.

King Solomons Bingo Software / Layout:
King Solomons Bingo use a web-based interface for their bingo room, and everything is laid out well on the front page, informing you the time to next game, as well as the easy steps to play. Graphic wise, King Solomons has a white background with orange and green colours in the lobby, which in many ways could have looked amateurish, however Solomons have designed it well, so that it comes across as very clean and crisp, and also gives it a fun appeal. King Solomons usually has five different bingo games available to play, all starting at different times, meaning you can pick and choose what to play, and when to play. Their lobby is not cluttered with non-bingo material, has the chat box at the bottom right, and is very easy to use. The lobby doesn’t list the price of games, and navigating from the lobby to each game then back requires clicking on a small icon at the top that is barely noticeable at first. Overall, very smooth software, and only complaints would be having to click each chat room depending on what you’re playing, lobby not detailing some information like the price of games, and buying into a game then going back to the lobby means you can’t view the game that you’re playing. bingo star rating

King Solomons Bingo Traffic:
King Solomons Bingo has over 100 players at almost any time of day, all split over different games at all different prices, from $1 to $0.10. This large variety means you can play any game you want, for any price, always with a large amount of players. King Solomons have one of the largest amount of players on the web. bingo star rating

King Solomons Bingo Chat:
King Solomons chat is very easy to use, with common phrases like TY (thank you) and 2TG (2 to go) available to click on. They offer different chat rooms for each game that you’re playing, and different chat games too, running 24/7. Separate chat masters are available in each room, and the software lets you know who is currently chatting in each room. bingo star rating

King Solomons Bingo Game Variety:
With five different rooms available, all at different prices, and games starting every minute, as well as a large variety of patterns, King Solomons is the pioneer of variety, as their excellent selection means you’re not restricted to playing whatver the current game is; you can pick and choose, and play the game you want, for the amount that you want, at virtually any time of day. bingo star rating

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King Solomons Bingo Bonuses & Promotions:
King Solomons offer a 100% to $100 signup bonus, then a 50% bonus on all other deposits up to $50. They also have a good loyalty program, where you can earn points via various methods detailed below, which you can then spend on cards. 1,000 loyalty points is equal to $1, and by just registering at King Solomons, you will get that $1 to try out the games. bingo star rating

King Solomons Bingo VIP / Loyalty Program:
By participating in the chat games, registering at the site, referring friends or just playing good ol’ Bingo, you earn loyalty points, which can then be exchanged for cash. The ratio is 1,000 loyalty points = $1, although the amount of points you get for actually buying the cards is quite low, for example for every $0.50 card you buy, you get just 5 points. In the chat games, they usually give away a minimum of 200 Loyalty Points. bingo star rating

King Solomons Bingo Support:
King Solomons Bingo offer e-mail support, have the chat masters available in every one of their chat rooms for all the bingo games, and also offer a chat room dedicated to support. Everyone is very prompt at responding, and always very helpful. bingo star rating

King Solomons Bingo Community:
King Solomons don’t focus much on the community aspect, and with a variety of different chat rooms and games, it’s less about the community, and more about game selection at Solomons.

King Solomons Bingo Deposit/Withdrawal Options:
Visa, Mastercard, FirePay, NETeller, Switch, Solo, Delta, Visa Electron, Maestro.