Bingo Mega Quarters Review

Please Note: We are in the middle of a big revamp, and the information contained in this Bingo Mega Quarters review is most likely outdated. We hope to have it updated within the next few days.

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Bingo Mega Quarters is simple in many ways, the most important of which is the card price — a quarter. However, this is somewhat deceiving because cards can go from anywhere from a dime to a quarter, which is where the site gets its name. Their Progressive Jackpots end up going higher than most sites’, so it’s a great place to play if you want to win a lot of money at once (and who doesn’t?).

Every bingo player gets a chance to win jackpots, gifts and cash at Bingo Mega Quarters, a popular and friendly online bingo game with a multi-player environment. You can also play online video poker, online 3-4-5 Reel Slots, Pulltabs and participate chat games 24/7 while you’re at it.

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Bingo Mega Quarters Software / Layout:
Bingo Mega Quarters’ layout is simple, bordering on bland. It’s a small, compact window, where the pattern is shown at the top left and beside it is where it shows what numbers have been called. Below that, you have your bingo cards, three at a time (which can be a little annoying). When games aren’t playing, they run banners which show off their latest promos and the recent winners. In the top-right are the mini-games, such as Slots, Pulltabs and Video Poker. The Video Poker and Slots games go from a nickel to a dollar and the Pulltabs go from a quarter to a dollar. Then at the bottom is the game info, winners listing, news and a place to put your notes. Next to that is the game menu. To me, all of this feels a little cramped in, and the patterns and number board are in black and white, which gives it its bland look. bingo star rating

Bingo Mega Quarters Traffic:
30-40 people can be playing at Bingo Mega Quarters at regular hours. bingo star rating

Bingo Mega Quarters Chat:
The Chat option is located in the bottom right hand corner of the software. You bring the chat up in a seperate window and can be moved around outside of the main window, which is convenient. The chat is not as active as other sites, but the players and CMs are friendly and helpful. They have a long list of chat specials available on their website and newsletter. bingo star rating

Bingo Mega Quarters Game Variety:
Only one game runs at a time. Most games are for a quarter. Specials such as Blackouts and dime games are advertised in the weekly newsletter and website. bingo star rating

Bingo Mega Quarters Bonuses & Promotions:
Bingo Mega Quarters offers a 100% bonus on your first deposit over $20 and 50% on all other deposits over $20 after that. bingo star rating

Bingo Mega Quarters VIP / Loyalty Program:

Bingo Mega Quarters Progressive Jackpot
is currently
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Bingo Mega Quarters Support:
Support is available through e-mail or in-game chat. Responses are quick and very helpful. bingo star rating

Bingo Mega Quarters Community:
Bingo Mega Quarters lets its players get to know eachother better through the Quarters Club, which has a picture gallery of all its members. They hold surveys so the players can make suggestions on how they can improve.

Bingo Mega Quarters Deposit/Withdrawal Options:
NETeller, InstaCash, eWallet Xpress, Visa, Mastercard, FirePay