Bingo Gala Review

Please Note: We are in the middle of a big revamp, and the information contained in this Bingo Gala review is most likely outdated. We hope to have it updated within the next few days.

In the meantime, we highly recommend checking out both Bingo Palace and who are two of the top bingo rooms in 2012.

Bingo Gala is one of the premier bingo sites on the internet. Well known for their incredible progressive jackpots, they also have a strong and friendly community making you always feel at home, simple and user-friendly software, a great bonus system, excellent support and a wide variety of chat games.

Bingo Gala also have a solid loyalty program, and have numerous features not available on other sites. The community and progressive jackpots really make Bingo Gala stand out as one of the best online bingo rooms available.

August Promotions: Progressive Jackpot – $1,000 added daily, 100% sign-up, unlimited reload bonuses, Springtime Trophy, Cruise Miles Tournament, Loyalty Bonuses.

Bingo Gala Software / Layout:
The layout is very well designed, with the balls in play shown very clearly at the top-center of the software. The bingo cards are easy to see and use too, although you can only see three cards on the screen at a time. The lobby is very easy to navigate, following the K.I.S.S. method, with an options screen that offers the ability to auto-daub, auto-bingo and auto-register, meaning you can buy cards for however many games in a row you want. If you don’t like your numbers, you can also easily change them(before the game starts obviously!) by clicking on the cards. Bingo Gala also has video poker, slots and pull tabs built into the lobby, which while may be appealing to some players, lose points with Dealer Dan! I’m here to play bingo darnit! Thankfully despite all of this in the lobby screen, it at no point feels crammed in, and is easy to view and use. Also, when you get down to 3 numbers to go, your cards change colour to indicate how close you are to winning. Time between each game is generally one minute. The software is downloadable only. bingo star rating

Bingo Gala Traffic:
Approximately 50-60 people playing at any time of the day, which rises to 100+ when Bingo Gala progressive jackpots bump up a bit on the prize scale. bingo star rating

Bingo Gala Chat:
Bingo Gala only has a few chat masters, which is great for the player as it feels more personalized. They only offer the one room, which again I prefer as it’s a lot more simple to handle. Chat games are run every hour of the day apart from during the Blackout games, and they have a wide variety of games ranging from NABOURS to HORSE RACING. Bingo Gala offer a good variety of games with great bonus bucks prizes, and the chat is also very lively. bingo star rating

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Bingo Gala Game Variety:
There is a large selection of games available; in peak hours, it is mostly $0.10 or $0.25 a card, with a minimum of 3 cards per game, although there are nickel specials at certain times, and all schedules are posted on their webpage. Bingo Gala also offer speed bingo, and a wide variety of patterns, both static and moving. They also run special tournaments, including the Cruise Miles Tournament and the Springtime Trophy. bingo star rating

Bingo Gala Bonuses:
Bingo Gala offer 100% unlimited on your first deposit, then after that, 20% on $20-$50 deposits, 50% on $50-$200 deposits, 75% on $200-500 deposits, and anything over $500 is a 100% match. They also offer bonus bucks through their chat games at an excellent rate. bingo star rating

Bingo Gala VIP / Loyalty Program:
Every month, the top X players in all games win prizes. For example, play the most slots in a month, get 300 bonus bucks. Be one of the top X players in cards, and get X bonus bucks depending on position. Going one step further than this however, any of the top ten people in Bingo Galas VIP program gets a VIP icon next to their name in chat for a whole month. bingo star rating

Bingo Gala Support:
The chat hosts are available 24/7, and are always available to help. Some of the chat regulars will also offer support too. The chat masters work very hard, and will be able to have an answer for you usually within one to two minutes, depending on the issue you are having. Bingo Gala also have 24/7 e-mail support with a very fast turnaround time, and an excellent “help” section on their webpage, which is very detailed. bingo star rating

Bingo Gala Community:
Bingo Gala offer a strong community gathering, as while their online forum is defunct, they have the Gala Gold Club, where all members can upload pictures and profiles of themselves, and there is a very large community base.

Bingo Gala Deposit/Withdrawal Options:
NETeller, InstaCash, eWallet Xpress, Visa, Mastercard, FirePay. In our experience, Neteller withdrawals were returned within 12 hours. Minimum withdrawal was $50 however.

Dealer Dan’s Bonus Rating:
The incredible promotions they run with the progressive jackpots, as well as the strong and friendly community, bump Bingo Gala up bingo star rating