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Welcome to Internet Bingo Zone. We have been online since 2002, and have always been striving to provide you the best online bingo site on the entire internet.

However, a lot has changed when it comes to online bingo over the last few years. US Online Bingo died out in a big way, while the UK bingo scene saw a lot of websites promoted primarily by newspapers come online. These bingo rooms don’t bring anywhere near the quality of a lot of online bingo halls, but get a lot of traffic based on their brand name and marketing.

So here at Internet Bingo Zone, we’ve taken a step back. Initially, we wanted to focus on EVERYTHING related to Internet Bingo but we realize that’s crazy, and rather pointless. Rather, we’d like to do what we did in the initial days of the site – focus on being the best resource for the player, which helped us create such a solid community.

There are too many fly-by-night bingo rooms these days, or online bingo halls who are appearing just to make a quick buck. We want to support the bingo rooms that AREN’T like that – the bingo rooms that have proven they are in it for the long haul. The online bingo rooms that have been around for years, and continue to provide an awesome experience for the player, always striving to better themselves.

2 rooms that cover that for example, and for years have proven they are the best bingo halls online are:
Bingo Palace

Those are TWO examples of the online bingo rooms that we want to support. Those internet bingo halls have been around for over 10 years, and have always been quality rooms. They’re always getting better, and giving back to the player.

So those are the types of rooms that we will be focusing on from here on out at Internet Bingo Zone. If you’re a regular visitor here you’ll see things are rather bare – we are in the process of completely revamping the website to focus 100% on the best bingo halls online.

So be sure to bookmark Internet Bingo Zone and come back often. We’ll be showing you without a shadow of a doubt the best online bingo places to play. They will be the most safe, secure online bingo halls.

They’re the ones we play at, so you know they’re the most trustworthy 🙂

Thanks for your patience during this upheaval, and we hope to have the site back to its usual awesome self very soon.

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